The New Way to Top Your Waffles

By September 24, 2015 Breakfast

Avocado?? (Enter cringed and slightly disgusted face)

Yeah baby! But you MUST include the sea salt. Eating avocado without salt should be a crime, and I’m convinced that people who don’t like avocado, have never had it proper. Salt brings out the true taste of avocado and the flavor is infinitely better with it. So don’t leave it out. Just don’t.

This waffle imparts that sweet-savory-salty combo that many people love. And, it’s just another great way to add some healthy fat sources to your breakfast. Did you know that eating just one half of an avocado a day can reduce your cholesterol? And that’s just one benefit of these silky green beauties. If you want to bask in your love of avocados or want to learn how to love them, check out my girl Rachel’s blog, Avocado a Day Nutrition. She’s awesome.

So grab a waffle (or two), top it with 1/2 an avocado, sprinkle on some sea salt, and lay on the maple syrup. Real maple syrup, please. Keep the maple syrup imposters out of your life.

Have an awesome day 🙂

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