Video: Three Tips to Help You Choose a Healthier Yogurt

By February 15, 2016 The Grocery Guide
Hi Everyone! I’m back with another Grocery Guide video, and this time I’m giving you three tips to help you choose a healthier yogurt. One of the most interesting points here is that full-fat yogurt can be a healthy choice. After  years of recommendations to choose the fat-free versions of everything, more recent research shows that saturated fat intake is not related to an increase in heart disease and that eating fat may help you maintain a healthier weight. What is strongly related to developing heart disease is the consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates, so watch those sugars in your yogurt.



How many grams of sugar come from lactose?
Although brands differ, here’s a general rule of thumb:
  • Regular yogurt – 12g lactose per 8 oz serving
  • Greek yogurt – 8g of lactose per 8oz serving
  • Skyr – 6g or less of lactose
You can assume that the remaining amount of sugar on the label comes from added sugars. You can also check the grams of sugar in a brands plain yogurt and subtract that from a sweetened variety of the same brand.
How does full fat yogurt prevent weight gain?  
There are many fatty acids in yogurt that play a role in regulating the hormones that control appetite. This is why we feel full when we consume fat, and when we feel full, we eat less.
I don’t like the taste of plain yogurt – got any suggestions to make it more enjoyable?
Add your own fruit on top or drizzle it with honey and cinnamon to naturally sweeten it.
Is Organic yogurt healthier for my kids?
Yes. Organic yogurt is made with milk from cows who not only feed on grass, but also consume organic feed free of pesticides which are harmful to children because their bodies are less able to tolerate/excrete them. Also, while the research is inconclusive, some research suggests that rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) – injected into cows to increase milk production – may increase IGF-1 in the body and increase the risk of developing some cancers.
Is Kefir healthy? 
Absolutely! Kefir is a type of fermented milk so it has similar benefits to yogurt – vitamins, minerals and even more probiotics. The tips remain the same – watch the sugar, don’t avoid the full fat, and purchase Organic if you can.

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